A Biography

director: Alexander Schellow
06 minutes | France, GERMANY

How can a person suffering from Alzheimer still tell herself her own life? When words are no longer there, only remain the sensations and the sounds the body remembers. In the community room of an Alzheimer clinic, a music coming from a radio triggers the dancing of an old lady in a wheelchair.

Remembering the moves it used to perform, her body brings along a series of sound memories. Entirely drawn and animated from memory, A BIOGRAPHY reconstructs dot by dot this emergence of memory where it is no longer expected, in an effort to keep this body and this life from oblivion.


Production: Films de Force Majeure (FR), Index.film (DE), Studio Lemon (FR), in cooperation with Catalogue du Sensible

Distribution: Films de Force Majeure

Release: 2017




UniFrance (promotion support)
Goethe Institut Marseille

In cooperation with : Catalogue du Sensible


Written and directed by Alexander Schellow
Editing Jean-Laurent Csinidis
Sound editing Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Nans Mengeard
Mixing Nans Mangeard (Studio Lemon)
Producers Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Alexander Schellow
Postproduction coordinators Nora Bertone, Jérôme Nunes

Technical sheet

Format 16/9
Sound 5.1, Stereo
Lenght 6 minutes
Release 2017
Visa number


Festival Internation du Film de Nancy – Official shortfilm competition – LABO selection award
Videoformes – Young Public Section – Clermont-Ferrand, France
International days of art films – Le Louvre, Paris

Festival Tous Cours – Experimental competition – Aix-en-Provence, France
Animasivo – Int. competition – Best short film award – Mexico
Festival RISC – Marseille, France
Sommets du cinéma d’animation – Competition int. – Montreal, Canada
Khiasma – France
Cinanima – Grand Panorama Documentary – Portugal
Un Festival c’est trop court ! – Nice, France
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival – Special Distinction of the Jury FIDMarseille – Russia
La Nuit de l’Instant – Public award
Festival National du Film d’Animation – French premiere – Bruz, Bretagne

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