Green Line

DIRECTOR: sylvie ballyot
90 minutes | France

What Fida suffered from as a child was not so much the bombing than the corpses she had to step over to go to school in Lebanon in the 1980s, the meaningful lack of explanation. She grew up puzzled, finding in the world of death, with which she weaves a familiar bond, a shelter from her questions about life. ‘At home, I am called the Cat, because I died 7 times and 7 times I came back to life.’


Production: TS Productions, Films de Force Majeure, XBO Films

Release: Coming soon


CNC – FAI, Région Occitanie, Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Doha Film Institute, Région Normandie, La Scam

This project was selected at
Tenk/Villa Medicis 2021 (France, Italy) – QUMRA 2022 (Qatar)


Writer and Director Sylvie Ballyot
Picture Béatrice Kordon
Sound Tatiana El Dahdah
Animation Nicolas Lemee
Editing Charlotte Lemee
Sound editor & mixer Pierre Armand
Producers Céline Loiseau, Luc Camolli, Jean-Laurent Csinidis

Technical sheet

Sound 5.1, stereo
Length 90 minutes