A Holy Family

DIRECTOr: elvis lu
110 minutes | Taiwan, France

After spending 20 years away, A-Liang returns to his family in a remote rural area of Taiwan. He films this reunion day by day, determined to confront them with their stubborn belief in the older brother’s psychic powers and with all the superstitions that seem to be guiding their lives. But he soon realises that his leaving is also a gaping wound for his family…


Production: Volos Films, Films de Force Majeure

Release: planned for 2022



Taiwan National Arts Council, New Taipei City Documentary fund, TAICCA Creative Award, Région Sud, Scam brouillon d’un rêve documentaire

This project was selected at
Venise Gap financing market 2021 (Italie), DMZ Industry – DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (South korea)


Writer & Director Elvis Lu
Producers Stefano Centini, Jean-Laurent Csinidis

Technical sheet

Format HD
Sound 5.1, stéréo
Length 110 minutes


Visions du Réel (Switzerland)