She (Ohne Titel)

director: alexander schellow
France, Germany

She (Ohne Titel) is an account of the artist’s meeting with a 96-year-old woman in an Alzheimer clinic. When the usual forms of communication between two individuals are annihilated, can something still be shared? Alexander Schellow focuses on the facial landscape and draws from memory, image after image, the continuous transformations he has observed. Slowly a narration unfolds in the confrontation of the animation’s time-line and live action still-shots of spaces along a possible biography: a house in the Baltic, migration, a refugee camp in Germany, a flat in Hannover… A biography, in which “SHE” actually does not appear. The disconnected levels of time and storytelling are crystallised to a nucleus of (hi)story and cinema.


Production: Films de Force Majeure, index.film, Catalogue du sensible

Release: 2011

Live excerpt



Mécènes du Sud, Zukunftskolleg (Université de Constance), Biennale de Lyon 2011
Developed as part of the residences at Akademie Schloß Solitude and Zukunftskolleg / Université de Constance (All)

In cooperation with the GRIM


Written and directed by Alexander Schellow
Director’s assistant Marie Urban
Producers Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Alexander Schellow, Marie Urban

TEchnical sheet

Sound 5.1, stereo
Color and Black & White


Biennale de Lyon (France)