Uncanny Valley

directors: Paul Wenninger
13 minutes | France, austria

In UNCANNY VALLEY, we are at once bombarded by the psychological and physical intensity of a battle fought between desperate soldiers during the first world war. Each frame of this animated live action piece reveals its own painful yet detailed history.

The numbing futility of war, the agony of conflict and survival, the discovery of brotherhood, and madness of it all. UNCANNY VALLEY is a hypnotic nightmare, a revelation that at first glance is impossible to forget.


Production: Films de Force Majeure (FR), KGP Production (AT), Kabinett ad Co (AT)

Distribution France: Films de Force Majeure, L’Agence du court-métrage

World Sales: Sixpack Film

Release: 2015




CNC, Région Sud, Arte/ZDF, City of Vienna, BMUKK, ORF, Lower Austria Region, City of Marseille, UniFrance (promotion support)


Written and directed by Paul Wenninger
Animation Nik Hummer
Art Nik Hummer
Director of Photography Paul Wenninger
Sound designer Jean-Michel Tresallet
Editing Michael Derrossett
Music Nik Hummer, Michael Moser
Producers Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Jérôme Nunes, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Paul Wenninger

With Jan Jakubal, Raul Maia, Paul Wenninger

Technical sheet

Format 16/9
Sound 5.1, stéréo
Length 13 minutes
Release 2015


Granada’s Young Filmmaker’s Festival (Spain)

Notre Dame University International Film Festival (Lebanon) – Best International Fiction Film Award
Hancheng Int. Short Film Festival (China)
Anima Syros (Greece)
Ljubljana Short Film Fest (FeKK, Slovenia)
Animation Festival Berkeley (United States)
Videoformes Digital Arts (France)
Tampere Film Festival (Finland)
Festival Animac (Spain)

Court-métrage César 2017 Sélection officielle animation
RISC (France) – Student prize
Festival du film court de Villeurbanne (France) – Pôle Pixel prize
Festival court en Champagne (France)
Festival court c’est court (France)
RICA (France)
Fenêtre sur courts (France)
Ljubljana international film festival (Slovenia)
Festival du film de Compiègne (France)
International human rights film festival (Austria)
Festival Chacun son court (France) – Public prize
ISFFC (Cyprus) – First prize for best short film
Un festival c’est trop court (France)
Riga international film festival (Lettonia)
Indie Cork (Ireland)
L’étrange festival (France)
Festival international du film Nancy-Lorraine (France)
Hiroshima international animation festival (Japan)
Lviv international short film festival / Wiz-Art (Ukraine)
Gezici festival on wheels (Turkey)
PannOpticum (Austria)
Fest Anca (Slovakia)
Animafest Zagreb (Croatia)
Shorts shorts film festival & Asia
Le Courtivore (France) – Jury special mention
VIS Vienna Shorts (Austria) – Young jury prize
Welcome to #7 (France) – Jury special mention
SIFF (United States)
Northwest animation festival (United States)
Animated spirits (United States)
Printemps français / Nuit du court de Unifrance (Ukraine)
Busan international short film festival (South Korea)
Festival le plus court (France) – Narrative research distinction
Flatpack film festival (United Kingdom)
FIFDH (France) – Fleury-Mérogis jury special mention
Trois jours trop courts (France)
Traverse vidéo (France)
BIEFF (Romania)
Festival international du court-métrage d’animation (France)
Festival international du film d’Aubagne (France) – Mention de la jeune création germanophone (Goethe Institut)
Diagonale (Austria)
Monstra (Portugal)
Animex (United Kingdom)
Kloosterkino (Netherlands)
Festival international du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (France)
SpIFF (United States)
Osterreichischer Film preis (Austria) – Named

Paris court devant (France)
Bogoshorts (Colombia)
Animateka (Slovénie) – Special mention
Festival du film d’animation (France)
One day animation festival (Austria) – Public prize and best film
Short film festival Leuven (Belgium)
Les sommets du cinéma d’animation (Canada)
Filmets (Spain)
Cinémas du Sud (France)
Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo (Spain)
Franzosich Filmtage (Germany)
New chitose airport international animation (Japan)
ReAnima (Armenia)
Uppsala international short film festival (Sweden)
SITGES (Spain)
Un festival c’est trop court (France)
Festival international du film indépendant de Bordeaux (France)
Fête du cinéma d’animation (France)
Animatou (Switzerland)
War on screen (France)
Anima (Argentina)  – Mention spéciale du jury
Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy (France)

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