Naoshima (dream on the tongue)

WRITER AND DIRECTOR: claire laborey
52/67 minutes | France

NAOSHIMA (dream on the tongue) is a journey across a small Japanese island in the Seto inland sea. Since the 90s, it is threatened by exodus, its population decreases and ages, its industry declines.

As a result of a stunning contemporary art sponsoring project, Naoshima is changing. The pure timeless lines of the three museums designed by Tadao Ando, the contemporary artworks on site blend into the landscape, scattered along its shores, in the shadow of the forest.The presence of art is worrying, fascinating, inspiring, upsetting and becomes the beating heart of the island. Through the account of a dream or a memory, an island appears where the presence of art arises from a primitive nature and resonates with the frail permanence of traditions and daily rituals. It unsettles the representations of the locals and confronts them with this haunting question: what is beauty?


Production: Films de Force Majeure

Release: 2015



La Région Ile-de-France I CNC I Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur I Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa I La Fondation de France I SACEM I French Embassy in Japan


Writer and director Claire Laborey
Director of Photography Leena Koppe
Editing Emmanuelle Baude
Original music Lionel Ginoux
Production directors Hélène Colombié, Jérôme Nunes
Producer Jean-Laurent Csinidis

Technical sheet

52/67 minutes
Year 2015
Languages Japanese with French or English subtitles
Visa number


Providence Art Design Film Festival (United States)
Festival International de Géographie (France)
Milano Design Film Festival (Italia)

Rencontres Paysage et Architecture (France)
Festival Cinéma & Sciences A nous de voir (France)
Design Film Festival (Singapour)
Festival Sole Luna (Italy)
Festival International du Film de Femmes (France)

Tel Aviv CoPro (Israël)
Lisbondocs (Portugal)
Image de Ville – Films en chantier (France)

Docu Regio (Belgium)
Bardonecchia Match Making Lab (Italy)