À pas de Loup

director : Vanessa Santullo
15 minutes I FRANCE

Emilie has lunch with her grandmother. Her relationship with Julien ended yesterday. Shattered and shocked, she tries to find something to cling to. Her relatives mean well but cannot find the words. Her friends don’t want to make a stand. And then loneliness begins to fill up this flat where it all happened. So Emilie will call Mathieu, to live a normal life again. But what happened yesterday isn’t “normal”, is it?


Production : Shellac Sud, Films de Force Majeure

Release : 2012



Région PACA, France Télévisions, dispositif AGIR+, Mécènes du Sud


Written by Colas Rifkiss, Vanessa Santullo, in collaboration with Guillaume Grosse
Directed by Vanessa Santullo Actors Stina Soliva, Claudine Baschet, Laurent Papot
Director of Photography Sylvain Rodriguez
Production manager Francine Cadet Producers Thomas Ordonneau

TEchnical sheet

Format 16/9
Sound 5.1, stéréo
Length 15 minutes
Language French
Release 2012


Festival des films du monde (Canada)
Un festival C’est trop court ! (France)