The City that ate souls away

DIRECTORs: diane sara bouzgarrou & thomas jenkoe
90 minutes | France

In Bakersfield, California, in the heart of a neglected, landlocked region of the United States threatened by severe economic and social problems and serious environmental disasters, a group of teenagers try to free themselves from the shackles of a past that impedes their present and seems to condemn their future.
At the heart of a country and a world that have too little to offer them, how can they manage to invent a destiny for themselves so that they no longer have to endure the one imposed on them?
Our film will focus on these young lives that are beginning in a world that is ending, and will take the form of a fresco carried by teenagers, whose intertwined trajectories, born in the darkness, are moving towards the light.


Production: Films de Force Majeure



MEDIA Creative Europe, Région Sud (development), CNC FAIA (writing and development), Pictanovo (writing), CICLIC (writing), PROCIREP – ANGOA

This project was selected at
Villa Albertine 2022, Pitching du Réel 2022 – Unifrance award, Eurodoc 2021


Writers & directors Diane Sara Bouzgarrou & Thomas Jenkoe
Line producer Nora Bertone
Producer Jean-Laurent Csinidis

Technical sheet

Format 4K
Sound 5.1, stéréo
Length 90 minutes
Languages English with french subtitles