We Tackle the Present

Director: Mona Maire
25 minutes | France

In everyday life Robin plays at looking normal. In the course of the texts he writes, poetically, another universe takes shape. Robin and I play with words and images. We tackle the Present is part of a very particular moment, that of the passage to adulthood, precipitated by the death of his father and the prospect of a move to a home for mentally handicapped people.

A propos

Production: Films de Force Majeure, Maritima TV

Release: 2023



Région Sud, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, PROCIREP, ANGOA

In partnership with
Catalogue du Sensible, la ville d’Istres, la ville de Marseille


Written and directed by Mona Maire
Images Jean-Baptiste Mees
Sound Frédéric Buy
Additional sound Pierre Armand, Gilles Cabau, Hugo Debrie
Editing Fatima Bianchi
Sound editing & mixing Frédéric Buy
Production manager Nicole Levigne
Producers Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Nicole Levigne

With Robin Sanchez, Liliane Sanchez, André Sanchez

Technical info

Son 5.1, stéréo
Durée 25 minutes
Original language French
Subtitles English