DIRECTOR: romuald rodrigues andrade
90 minutes I france

Destined for a bright future as a professional footballer, Michael (18) dreams of success and recognition. His hopes collapse with the bankruptcy of his club in Italy. Back in his low-income neighbourhood in the south east of France, he experiences disillusionments as far as his family and his sport are concerned. Convinced that his family and he deserve better than an ordinary life, he joins old acquaintances who have become robbers. Blinded by easy money, he gradually locks himself into a spiral of violence.


Production: Films de Force Majeure

Release: Planned for 2025


Région Sud (dev.), PROCIREP-ANGOA, City of Marseille
In cooperation with Catalogue du Sensible

Project selected to Alpi Film Lab 2022


Written and directed by Romuald Rodrigues Andrade
Producer Jérôme Nunes

Technical sheet

Format HD
Sound 5.1, stereo
Length 90 minutes