The Day She Disappeared

DIRECTOr: Tawfiq Nizamidin
40 minutes I France, Taiwan, Italy

Baxtiyar is a young Uyghur of 29 years old who arrived in France to enroll in university, but who quickly dropped out. If he remains very attached to the Uyghur culture (in particular as a musician), he no longer believes in the struggle nor in political commitment. This is the opposite of Mihriay, with whom he is deeply in love, and who is present at all the demonstrations. Mihriay doesn’t love (or doesn’t love anymore?) Baxtiyar, who cheats his loneliness with Adile. But how to be sure of anything in front of Mihriay’s permanent lies? One day, she suddenly decides to change her life…


Production: Films Force Majeure, Volos films

Release: 2022



Région Sud (production) in partnership with the CNC, PROCIREP-ANGOA, Cinéma Inutile


Director & Writer Tawfiq Nizamidin
Producers Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Stefano Centini

Technical sheet

Format HD
Sound 5.1, stéréo
Length 40 minutes
Original language
Ouïghour, English
Subtitles English and French