Yasmine El Maanouni was born in 1994 in Paris, France. After studying journalism at the City University of London, she worked for Amnesty International while doing internships as a production assistant on documentaries and fictions. She then decided to study production at the École documentaire de Lussas, in partnership with the Université Grenoble-Alpes.

She joined Films de Force Majeure’s team in 2021 and quickly settled in: she fits in well with the family work atmosphere and shares the common desire to make strong and committed films. She therefore definitively left the capital for the warmth of the south.

She likes: birthdays, movie theaters, first showings. She doesn’t like : IT problems. She learned to like : Excel spreadsheets.

At first a production assistant, she is currently managing the production of a feature documentary and assisting Jean-Laurent Csinidis on the production of documentaries and fictions.