Les Immortelles

90 minutes | France, CANADA

Charlotte and Liza are two 17-year-old friends with a passion for music, and characters that are as opposite as they are complementary. Inseparable since childhood, they happily spend their adolescence side by side in the south of France, dreaming of nothing more than finishing school so they can move to Paris where everything seems possible. But a tragedy separates them and Charlotte finds herself alone, with one foot on the verge of adulthood and dreams for two.


Production: Les Films de la Capitaine (France), Films de Force Majeure (France), Possibles Media (Canada), Srab Films (France)

Distribution: K-Films Amérique (Canada)

Release: planned for 2025


Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, SODEC, Département des Alpes-Maritimes, Téléfilm Canada, Europe Créative MEDIA, SACEM, Région Centre, CICLIC, Ville de Nice, CNC

This project was selected at
Francophone Coproduction Meetings of Luxembourg (2019)
Writing residency at Moulin d’Andé (2017)
Coproduction Meetings of the European Arts Festival of Cinema (2016)


Writer & Director Caroline Deruas
Co-writers Maud Ameline et Victoria Kaario avec la participation de Jihane Chouaib
Script consultant Agnès de Sacy
Producers Laurine Pelassy, Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Jérôme Nunes, Serge Noël

Technical sheet

Format 4K
Sound 5.1, stereo
Length 90 minutes
Languages French with English subtitles