A Dog's Life

DIRECTORs: diane sara bouzgarrou & thomas jenkoe
90 minutes | France

While ash continues to fall from yet another wave of Californian wildfires, a teenager embarks on a rehabilitation program that will mark the final months of her incarceration in the Kern County Juvenile Hall detention center in Bakersfield. Over a period of 14 weeks, she will attempt to mend her life while looking after a dog that has been mistreated.

On her release, she will have to take charge of her destiny in a city ravaged by poverty and environmental disaster.

In a region that has once again been stricken by wildfires, will she also burn in the flames that are welling up inside her?


Production: Films de Force Majeure


Région Sud – Aide à l’écriture = Région Sud – development

This project was selected at
Eurodoc 2021


Writers & directors Diane Sara Bouzgarrou & Thomas Jenkoe